Affordable Housing Vacancy Rate At 2.2%

The affordable housing vacancy rate is sitting at 2.2% and with such a tight rental market finding a place to live can be difficult. But the community is taking steps to help ease the problem.

Grand Junction's economy is booming and so is the rental market, making it tough for some people to find a place to live. Ellen Reiner with Grand Valley Catholic Outreach can remember the market being this tight back in 1995, and that's when the Almost Home Guide was created.

Almost Home is a comprehensive list of available rental properties from private owners and property management services. Reiner and volunteer Cynthia Adair update the list every week. But lately they're finding available property is hard to come by; and the shorter list is in high demand. Adair says the list has gone from about 14 pages to about eight and last year more than 29,000 copies of it were distributed.

Lori Rosendahl with the Grand Junction Housing Authority passes out the list to all of her clients but often times she finds they can't afford the rent. And what's really alarming to Rosendahl is that the affordable vacancy rate for a one-bedroom place is at 0.0%.

There are anywhere from 1100 to 1400 people waiting for affordable housing in Grand Junction. Rosendahl says the Housing Authority is working hard and as fast as they can to help ease the problem. Rosendahl say nothing is concrete yet, but they have purchased a piece of property at 28th and Elm Street that they plan to build between 60 to 80 units of affordable housing on.

Rosendahl doesn't know when the units will be done, but until the market changes one thing is clear; the Almost Home list won't be getting any longer.

You can pick an Almost Home Guide at Grand Valley Catholic Outreach or the Grand Junction Housing Authority. Or you can link to their website at

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