Spring Forward In Time

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It's that time, to move forward in time.

"The reason why this is a big deal is because its coming three weeks early," says Geek Squad Member, Sean Hebein.

This is an action made by Congress in an attempt to lower energy consumption nationwide. So this year your clocks need to be changed this coming Sunday. This isn't just about longer days, this early change also gives information technology companies a lot of extra work as they scramble to prepare computers, cell phones, and all equipment with internal clocks. Yet, some equipment updates aren't automatic.
Some cell phone and P.D.A. time changes are left up to you.

Hebein says, "If you don't download the patch, your clock will be off for three weeks."

While more people rely on their hand helds to tell them of their appointments, if you don't download updates you will probably be late. This downloading is really easy to do, just go to the windows website or your wireless carriers site. Then once you download this software on your computer you never have to do it again. So if Congress decided to change daylight savings time again, this software will automatically update the internal clock and you will stay right on time.

Congress is hopeful that this change will save a hundred thousand barrels of oil a day by using the sun instead of electrical energy for lighting in the evening.

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