Special Policing Unit Cleaning Up Streets

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A special unit for the Grand Junction Police Department is making a big dent in drug crime. In its short two month existence the Street Crimes Unit has made one hundred and nine arrests.

This unit is made up of five officers who use a proactive approach by teaming up with the drug enforcement task force, Crime Stoppers, and other law enforcement agencies. This helps the agencies to work more effectively in developing leads and making arrests.

Linda Bowman with the Grand Junction Police Department says, "I'd say meth and drug crimes haven't escalated, it's just that we have more dedicated resources and so we are making more arrests. This may make the public worry that there is more but that's not the case, we are just finally finding it."

Since the unit has been in operation several weapons and explosives have been seized. Along with this, significant amounts of meth, marijuana, and cocaine have been taken off the streets.

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