Mountain Legislator Says He'll Press Again for Tougher Chain Laws

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Silverthorne, Colo. (AP) A lawmaker from Colorado's high country says he's going to try again to increase fines for truckers who disobey mandatory tire chain orders.

Dan Gibbs, (D-Eagle) who represents three mountain counties, says truckers who ignore chain laws cost his communities hundreds of thousands of dollars every time their rigs block traffic in bad weather.

On Saturday, a jack-knifed truck shut down I-70 for several hours.

Fines are currently $100 for truckers who don't chain up, and $500 if they block a traffic lane.

Gibbs wants those fines increased to $500 and $1,000.

Gibbs' bill died in a House committee last month. He plans to reintroduce it on Thursday, saying he has the votes this time to get it passed.

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