First a "Godless" Dollar, Now a Faceless One

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Denver (AP) Ray and Mary Smith couldn't make heads or tails out of their new George Washington dollar coin. That's because the coin had neither.

The Fort Collins couple is believed to be the first in the nation to find a unique error in the new series of presidential golden dollars.

Ray and Mary Smith last week found a coin that has no picture of George Washington on the front, and no image of the Statue of Liberty on the back. Instead, the coin is blank on both sides, with the inscription ``In God We Trust'' printed on the rim.

Last week, several of the new coins turned up without the inscription on the rim, but the back and front were printed correctly.

Ron Guth, a coin authenticator based in California, says he has examined the coin and says it is a legitimate misprint produced by The U.S. Mint in Denver.

Guth says the coin could be worth thousands of dollars, depending on how many like it turn up. So far, the mint says it hasn't seen anything similar.

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