High Gas Prices Impact Consumers

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Rising gas prices have hit not only nationwide but here in the Grand Valley. While Grand Junction is not seeing record gas prices like last year, those prices are impacting consumers.

There was pretty much one response when asked about gas prices.
"I don't like it, but there's nothing I can do about it." Gas prices have been steadily climbing; in the past two weeks prices have raised nearly 20 cents.

AAA of Colorado said there are several factors that are contributing to the hike. Those include oil refinery maintenance, to tensions in the middle east, and the switch to summer fuel.

While oil companies are reporting big profits, consumers are changing their driving habits. And some are even watching their spending.

Gas prices are expected to climb even higher by this summer, but only time will tell whether they reach last summers record of three dollars a gallon. The average price of regular unleaded gas in Grand Junction is $2.52, up forty one cents since the end of January.

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