Palisade Whitewater Park Looks Doubtful

The idea of whitewater park in the Town of Palisade is quickly sinking.

Bids for the project at the Price-Stubb Dam were released Tuesday afternoon, but with a cost gap of nearly $2M the chances of a whitewater park in the town are now very slim.

The plan was to build a fish passage, part of the Upper Colorado River Endangered Fish Recovery Program, in conjunction with the whitewater park.

While the fish passage will be built, money for the park looks like it's coming up short.

The town has been fundraising for the past several months and has been able to raise more than a $1M, however, with bids for the project announced today the gap may be too much for the town to overcome and time is running short.

"The Town of Palisade has 30 days from now (Tuesday) to deposit in escrow of $2.98M in order for us to go ahead and build the whitewater park," area manager with the Bureau of Reclamation Carol DeAngelis said.

While the park is now a long shot, the town will continue to accept donations for the next 30 days and naming rights for the park are up for grabs -- the price? A mere $1.9M.

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