No Winners in Powerball or Lotto

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Des Moines, Iowa (AP) A Colorado ticket holder came close, but no one matched all six numbers to win Wednesday's Powerball jackpot worth $161 million.

Wednesday's winning numbers were 4-27-30-39-and-44. The Powerball was 18; the multiplier was 2.

Eight tickets -- including one purchased in Colorado -- hit the first five numbers only for $200,000 apiece.

The Powerball jackpot is expected to grow to $183 million for Saturday, while the Lotto jackpot is expected to rise to $6.8 million dollars for Saturday, since Wednesday’s drawing went off without a grand prize winner.

The winning numbers for Wednesday were 5-8-15-18-19-and-37.

Lottery officials say 17 tickets matched five numbers to win $651, 1,056 tickets hit four numbers to win $39 apiece.

Glitches in the system that generates the winning lotto numbers kept the Colorado lottery from conducting the drawing until nearly Midnight Wednesday.

Spokeswoman Linh Truong says the game has several checks and balances that are designed to ensure integrity and something came up that couldn't immediately be explained.

Drawings are held Wednesday and Saturday nights.

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