Truckers Face Stiffer Fines

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Denver (AP) Truckers who violate the state's chain law could see bigger fines next winter.

Under a measure backed Thursday by a panel of state lawmakers, those who don't chain up in snowy weather would face a $500 fine for their first violation, up from $100. They would get $1,000 fine if they block a lane because they're not chained up.

That's double the amount they now face.

The bill originally would have also slapped four points on their licenses but that faced opposition from truckers, who said there weren't enough places for them to chain up. Representative Dan Gibbs removed that part because he says 80 percent of those who violate the law are from out of state anyway and the state couldn't put points on their licenses.

The bill still has to pass another committee before the full House can vote on it.