Family Says Grandma Is Innocent

A 49–year–old grandmother accused of sexually assaulting two of her own grandchildren and broadcasting it over the Internet is still behind bars. But her family says she's a good grandma and they want her home.

Don Williams lives in in the same Clifton neighborhood as the woman accused of sexually assaulting her grandchildren. As a grandfather himself he just can't fathom how someone could sexually exploit their very own grand children. And he thinks the woman needs to be locked-up.

But Arlene claims her sister–in–law is innocent and says she's a good grandma that keeps the children safe. Arlene says the allegations have been tough on the family.

Authorities say Arlene's sister–in–law admitted to having her granddaughters perform explicit sex acts on her while a Canadian man watched online. After 11 News told Arlene the charges her sister–in–law was facing she expressed some doubts saying she might have done it once but wouldn't do it again.

Arlene's sister-in-law is facing 14 felony charges including five counts of sexual assault on a child and two counts of sexual exploitation of a child. She is also facing child abuse charges because feces and mold were found in the home she was living in with her grandchildren. Arlene says the family has been trying to clean up the house but it's hard with five children.

The woman's bond is set at $100,000 and formal charges are expected to be filed later this month.

11 News has chosen not to release the woman's name or identity in order to protect the young victims in this case.

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