Two College Students Release Meth Report

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After five months of research, two Mesa State College students found some surprising results about meth use in the energy industry.

Mesa State students, Nate Nichols and Matt Soper were asked by their professor to research if meth use on the oil rigs was really as high as some law enforcement officials would like to believe. They conducted the research through a snowball method, interviewing 31 oil rig workers in all, all said they have never used meth.

The Drug Enforcement Agency agrees with the student's report - that there is no correlation between the booming energy industry and the rise in meth use here in Mesa County.

DEA Resident Agent In Charge, Karen Flowers, said, "In the last two years we arrested 103 people on methamphetamine related charges, of those we've only been able to document one employee of the energy industry, so one out of 103."

Part of the perception that meth use is high on the rigs is because of the transient nature of the job, which makes it an easy target. To keep drug use at bay, most oil companies have a zero tolerance policy for drugs.