Bill Would Allow Domestic Violence Victims to Use Fake Addresses

A new bill introduced would allow victims of rape, domestic violence, or stalking to use a fake address in hopes of keeping them safe from their abusers.

Under the measure, the victim's real address would only be known to the Secretary of State's Office. The legislation is intended to protect people from abusers who could track them down online within minutes through public records. The Secretary of State would receive and forward any mail sent to the fake address to the victim.

Twenty-one states have similar laws in effect. A $20 charge to perpetrators of domestic violence would fund it.

Some victim advocates in Grand Junction say they welcome the bill and it would make their jobs easier when it comes to protecting victims of violence.

In 2005 there were nearly 15,000 domestic violence cases filed in Colorado courts and nearly 5,000 women and children living in domestic violence shelters.

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