Man Rescues Elderly From Blaze

A Grand Junction man runs into a smoke filled house to rescue an elderly woman who was in grave danger.

Doug Murphy was just hanging out with his family when something caught his eye. He saw smoke seeping through the roof and window of his neighbor's home. Murphy says he called to his son and hopped the fence. Then he says he busted through the door and began frantically searching for his elderly neighbor named Lucy. Murphy says he was scared but just knew he had to find her. And he did. Murphy found Lucy standing in the smoke filled room looking confused. Murphy brought his neighbor to safety but went back inside to fight the blaze with a garden hose.

Lucy was taken to the hospital with minor smoke inhalation. Murphy and his son were treated on scene for inhalation as well.

According to officials, the fire started in the back of a dresser and spread to a wall in the bedroom. The cause is still under investigation.

Damage to the home is estimated at about $5,000.

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