Disappearing Bees Threaten Food Supply

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Bee keepers around the nation are puzzled as millions of honey bees are disappearing around the nation.

One local bee keepers says he's lost about forty percent of his colony to what researchers are calling Colony Collapse Disorder, or CCD. This has swept through nearly twenty five states, including Colorado. This bee shortage could greatly affect our local agricultural community, as honey bees are responsible for pollinating about one–third of our fruits and vegetables. Learning more about this problem hasn't been easy for researchers.

Local bee keeper, Bob Hasse says, "The main problem with investigating this is that they need to dissect a bee, but the bees have left."

Right now is swarming season, so if you come across a swarm beekeepers say don't kill them instead call a beekeeper. Bob Hasse can be reached at 970- 245-7519 or you may contact the Colorado Extension Office at 970- 244- 1834.

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