Pet Food Recall

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The pets have been suffering from kidney disease and veterinarians here in Western Colorado are seeing sick pets as a result.

As of right now, it appears only cuts and gravy style pet food manufactured between December and March is being recalled. Several pet owners around the Grand Valley were alarmed to find out their pets were at risk of getting sick. Some national brands, including IAMS and Eukanuba, are affected by the recall.

For local veterinarian Krista Gibson, it is the biggest recall she's seen in her career. So far, Gibson has only treated one sick pet. If your pet eats one of the recalled foods, get rid of it. If your pet does develop kidney disease symptoms, which are lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, increased drinking and urination; call your vet immediately. A simple blood test will determine if your pet has been affected. The best thing you can do is don't panic and be aware.

The pet food manufacturer says they haven't found the cause,
but they say if the food was made between December and March
you shouldn't feed it to your pet.

For recall information, you can call 1-866-895-2708.