National Guard Bill Sails Through State Senate

A bill backed by Fruita Senator Josh Penry that would find a new source of funding for the Colorado National Guard is on its way to Governor Bill Ritter's Desk.

If signed, the bipartisan House Bill 1275 would permit the National Guard to receive a portion of funds seized when participating in drug operations.

The bill took its final step Monday, passing through the senate on its third reading but while the funds will certainly help, Penry says it's not the complete answer.

"It could bear as much as a few thousand dollars to larger sums, but the point is not for the National Guard to make money, the point is so they can pay their own way so they can continue to support state and local law enforcement activities," Penry said.

The National Guard is not currently eligible for drug operation funds because it only has law enforcement authority during a federal emergency.

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