Entities Reach Pear Park Safety Agreement

Several months after a child is hit by a car outside of a Mesa County school, a plan to make Pear Park Elementary School students safer takes a step forward.

On Monday morning, county commissioners approved an agreement with the City of Grand Junction and School District 51 that will soon make the walk to Pear Park Elementary School much safer.

There's a lot of construction going on around Pear Park Elementary, located in the 3100 block of D and 1/2 Rd., and in some parts even sidewalks are scarce.

The plan is to buy a nearby residence, clear the lot and construct a path to make the walk to school safer and parents couldn't be happier.

When a six-year-old girl was hit by a car crossing the street by the school in January, it was a shock for many parents, including one who's son had walked home from school with her just the day before.

"The day she got hit I picked him up from school, but it was a rude awakening for many parents," Diane Coulter said.

Mesa County, the City of Grand Junction and School District 51 put their collective heads together, coming up with purchasing a nearby residence to construct a path off of the roadway to make the walk safer.

The plan will reduce the walking route to the school by 2,000 feet and the hope is to also serve as a reminder so students remain safe in the future.

The three entities will buy the home with demolition most likely beginning sometime in May with the estimated cost of the project being around $180,000.

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