Fruit Crops Showing Early Bloom

Take a trip out towards East Orchard Mesa and you'll see the signs of another harvest season beginning. But the recent heat wave has farmers on alert.

The calendar says March, but with recent temperatures well into the upper 70's and low 80's, tell that to the thousands of fruit trees blanketing the Grand Valley.

"The trees think it's the end of April or the 1st of May," Robert Helmer with Alida's Fruits said.

Apricot orchards, which are the first to bloom, are well on their way but dropping temperatures are inevitable, making the delicate crop susceptible.

"They're about as sensitive as you can get right now, they can take about 30–31 degrees," Harry Talbot of Talbot Farms said.

When the temperature drops, that's when science and farming become one with the addition of heaters and wind machines.

Farmers who have been in the game for some time have seen warm surges before and know that for a fruitful summer it all depends on what happens this time of year.