High School Fight Raising Questions

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A fight that took place at Rifle High School is raising eyebrows and catching a lot of attention. Parents, students and even the Rocky Mountain Minuteman Organization plan to attended a school board meeting in Rifle, all looking for answers.

At this point there are more questions than answers surrounding the assault of a teenage girl at Rifle High School. Some are saying that this fight was racially motivated.

Rocky Mountain Minuteman Member, Jim Haas says, "We thought it might involve a clash of the third world and first world cultures."

It's believed that this fight was between a Hispanic and a Caucasian student. The Caucasian freshman suffered a broken nose among other injuries and this has stirred up attention from the Rocky Mountain Minuteman Organization.

Haas says, "We are trying to figure out if there is a problem with illegal immigrants out there."

The Superintendent of Garfield County School District R-E2, Gary Pack says, "All of our young people have the right to attend our schools, their parents may be illegal or legal, it doesn't matter."

11 News spoke with some students at Rifle High School and they say they're not so sure race was even an issue, but it was a just a high school fight that got out of hand. Either way though, both the School Board and the Rocky Mountain Minutemen say something must be done.

Haas says, "This incident will become common if the school board doesn't take care of it, things don't go away if you don't take care of it."

Pack responds by saying, "It shouldn't go away and we never intended for it to just go away. There are policies and procedures in place."

The girl who allegedly assaulted the student has been suspended with recommendation for expulsion and in addition to the action taken by the school district, she will also face a criminal investigation.

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