Pet Owners Opt for Pet Insurance Plans

The recent pet food recall has many pet owners realizing just how costly an emergency trip to the veterinarian can cost. But did you know you can actually buy insurance plans for pets?

Pet insurance has been around for a while. But in the last decade or so, the number of pet owners buying coverage for vet bills has risen 76 %. While that seems like a lot, numbers show that less than three percent of pet owners have the insurance.

It's the joy of seeing her dog run and play that has Tiffany Burns taking steps to ensure his health, and that's why she has puppy insurance. It costs about $18 a month and it takes care of things like vaccinations, routine visits, surgeries, dental work and even hospitalization.

Veterinarian Krista Gibson says she wishes more pet owners would take a proactive approach when it comes to their pets health.

Dogs average nearly three visits a year to vets, while cats just over two. That can cost some big bucks if pets aren't insured. Dog owners spend an average of nearly $600 a year, and cat owners $300.

Tiffany says it's simple; you would take care of yourself and your kids and this is an easy way to take care of your dog.

Because pets are technically a form of property, the insurance is structured more like a homeowner's or auto policy.

Veterinary Pet Insurance is the oldest and largest pet insurer with 70% of the market.

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