Students In Rifle Speak Out

There's plenty of speculation in Rifle over a fight that occurred at the high school recently and on Tuesday students looked to set the record straight.

The fight has sparked controversy, with some saying it was racially motivated and others saying it was simply something which happens at high schools across the country every day.

There was a police presence at Wamsley Elementary School Tuesday as dozens of parents, students and even the Rocky Mountain Minuteman Organization was in attendance.

Public comment was open for all but it was the students who did most of the talking.

Although some still point to racial tensions, because the fight reportedly happened between a Hispanic and Caucasian student, on the whole, students who spoke say the incident has been blown way out of proportion.

"This was mainly a fight between two kids, not a battle between our entire school or any race," Rifle High senior Shana Foreman said.

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