Second Grand Junction Resident Arrested in Dynamite Case

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Grand Junction, Colo. (AP) A second Grand Junction resident is facing charges after the discovery of dynamite inside an apartment.

Nineteen-year-old Raymond Ortiz surrendered at the Mesa County Sheriff's department on Monday.

He's accused of giving the dynamite to a woman, asking her to sell it -- and trying to get his young sister to sell methamphetamine.

Police arrested 27-year-old Jenifer Vroman-Leonard two weeks ago in the same case. She's now charged with possession of an explosive device, and is due back in court April 2nd.

Authorities received a tip from an informant who said he knew there was dynamite in the unit. Officers reported finding the dynamite and a timing device wrapped in a sweater and a towel in a closet.

Ortiz is being held on $150,000 bond.