CBI Finishes Report on High School Siege

Students are being evacuated from Platte Canyon High School and other nearby schools after shots were reportedly fired and hostages taken. (KCNC)
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Bailey, Colo. (AP) The state's investigation into last fall's deadly siege at a high school in Bailey is complete and the results have been turned over to the Park County Sheriff's Department.

Park County Sheriff Fred Wegener has tentatively scheduled a news conference next Tuesday to discuss the report.

The report by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation details what happened last September when a gunman invaded the school in the mountains west of Denver. Authorities say 53-year-old Duane Morrison took six girls hostage and then killed one of them and himself.

Investigators say the drifter from the Denver area shot Platte Canyon High School student Emily Keyes. They say he sexually assaulted some of the girls before he killed himself.

A swat team stormed the classroom Morrison was in after negotiations broke down. Morrison had released four of the girls and one escaped before officers entered.

The sheriff's department plans to show the report to victims' families before it's made public. The girls won't be identified.

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