Crane Crash Insurance Claim Causing Headaches

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It's been a rough couple of weeks for a man whose car was crushed by the crane that collapsed two weeks ago at the construction site of the Grand Junction parking garage. The owner of the car was getting the run around from the crane company's insurance agency, so he contacted 11 News to see if we could help him get results.

It's been a frustrating two weeks for Snap Photo owner, Dave Snap. Although he has complete auto coverage, insurance has yet to pay off. That's because this accident was not his fault.

"I lost my car and I have to buy a new one with no fault of my own," says Snap.

This crane is owned by P.S.I Crane and Rigging, but P.S.I's insurance company is still investigating the accident. Their claims adjuster told Snap that its going to take a while before they know if and when he will get any money at all. So for Snap this means no car and no idea about when he will get one.

Snap says the crane company wasn't doing anything to help him, so to find out what was going on 11 News made some calls.

Gerald Burk, President of P.S.I says, "Mr. Snap will absolutely not have to foot the bill."

When we contacted P.S.I. they said they had no idea that this claim hadn't been dealt with.

Burk says, "Right after you called us, we called our insurance company in Chicago and they are working on it to get the ball rolling."

The crane company says that since we brought attention to this issue the insurance company is now working aggressively to quickly resolve this claim. A claims adjuster is expected to go out and survey Snap's car Friday morning.

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