Rat Poison Found In Pet Food

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Rat poison has been found in the contaminated pet food that sparked a nationwide recall last week, now the question is how did it get there?

At least sixteen pets across the country have died from tainted food and new test results show that a type of rat poison could be to blame. More than sixty million cans and pouches of Menu pet food have been recalled.

Krista Gibson, DVM, says "The New York Department of Agriculture announced that they found aminopterin in the pet food from Menu Foods."

The President and C.E.O. of Menu Foods says his company is relieved that the New York laboratory has found this substance.

Paul Henderson, President and C.E.O. of Menu Foods says, "We have identified a correlation between a single ingredient and we have stopped using that ingredient."

This toxin is used to kill rats in other countries, but it's only legal to use as a cancer drug here in the U.S. So how could this have gotten into the pet food?

Gibson says, "Speculation is that aminopterin was used in crops for wheat and then wheat was turned into gluten which was then put into the food."

But this is just one possibility and experts say there are many ways that food can become contaminated. That's why the investigation continues. In the meantime veterinarians are confident that they can deal with this issue.

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