Mesa State Mourns Loss

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Mesa State College students are mourning the loss of Jennifer Kois and Jacob Brock. The deaths have sent a shock wave across the campus affecting even those who didn't know the couple.

The mood around Mesa State College just hasn't been the same.
After two students, Jennifer Kois of Brighton and Jacob Brock of Eagle, tragically died when their car was struck by a suspected drunk driver Thursday night.

Friends and family members say the couple was on a date and had gone to see a movie.

Mesa State College Freshman, Tyler Wickham says "They just went out to have fun and suddenly someone hits you and ruins a bunch of lives."

Both the community and the college are feeling the loss. Students say it's the tragic way that this couple died that makes it all the more devastating.

Shawn Camp, Mesa State student, says "It's unfortunate that they had to pay for someone else's mistake."

This is a mistake that is teaching a life lesson these college students would rather not learn.

Grief counseling is being made available to all students at the college.