Gunman Screamed at Sobbing School Hostages Before Slaying

Students are being evacuated from Platte Canyon High School and other nearby schools after shots were reportedly fired and hostages taken. (KCNC)
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Bailey, Colo. (AP) A gunman who shot and killed a 16-year-old girl after taking over a high school classroom last fall had screamed and waved a handgun at his sobbing hostages, fired once into the air and threatened to blow up the school.

Details of the school standoff in Bailey on September 27th were spelled out in a final report by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation that was publicly released Tuesday.

The report says the 53-year-old drifter held the gun to the heads of some of the female students as he sexually assaulted them and threatened to kill them if they resisted.

The CBI report says that in the first minutes of the crisis, deputies rushed to the room where Duane Roger Morison had the hostages and ordered him to drop a handgun he was holding to a student's head.

Morrison refused and said he had three pounds of explosives.

He shot Emily Keyes as a swat team stormed the classroom after a four-hour standoff. Five other hostages had already been released and a sixth escaped as officers entered.

Authorities say Morrison died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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