Victim's Parents Seek Tougher Legislation On Drunk Drivers

Jacob Brock's parents have laid him to rest and are now hoping that their son's death can bring about new legislation to crack down on drunk drivers.

Before Jake's funeral, his parents Vern and Marilyn announced they will be working with Mothers Against Drunk Drivers to toughen legislation against drunk drivers. The couple also said they want to address law enforcement pursuit policies. Vern Brock said as an engineer he plans to gather all the information about his son's death before taking the next step.

19–year–old Jacob Brock and his 19–year–old girlfriend Jennifer Kois were killed when suspected drunk driver Patrick Strawmatt rammed into their car. Strawmatt was trying to out run authorities at speeds of 120 mph.

Strawmatt is facing charges of first degree murder and vehicular homicide, and other charges could be filed pending the investigation.

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