Family And Friends Remember Outgoing Teen

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Mesa State College student Jacob Brock was laid to rest Tuesday.

The service was held at Eagle Valley High School, where reminders of Brock still remain, particularly his signature on the class of 2006 sign outside of the gymnasium and the school track record he holds in the two mile.

Memorial is a derivative of memory and throughout Tuesday's service, family and friends focused on what really matters in the end--life.

"Before (Jake's) delivery, I made an agreement with God. If he would allow him to be born healthy I would promote Jake for rest of his life to serve God. I didn't know when Jake would serve God--on Friday March 23, 2007 God redeemed our agreement," Jake's father Vern said.

The emotions of remembering a life cut short allowed tears to shed freely during Jake Brock's two hour memorial service, but the tears quickly gave way to laughter, as everyone in the Eagle Valley High gym remembered the young man for who he truly was.

"He just was a caring and passionate person who loved life," Jake's childhood friend Bear Barkman said.

From skiing to running track, everyone says no matter what Brock did, he did it with a smile.

"I'll miss his smile, it always brightened my day every time I saw him," Barkman said.

While Brock may be gone, family and friends say he packed more into 19 years of life than some do in a 100 years.

"A father relishes to have a son to push the limit, try everything, not complain and keep on going all with the smile of life," Vern Brock said.

Among the more than a dozen speakers, the Mesa State Hockey Club honored its fallen player by presenting Brock's number 10 jersey to the family.

Brock's girlfriend Jennifer Kois will be buried in Brighton on Thursday.

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