Fiske Attorney Appeals 22-Year Term

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Montrose, Colo. (AP) Attorneys for a man ordered to prison for murder are appealing his sentence on the basis it may be unconstitutional.

A judge sentenced 26-year-old Jason Fiske in January to serve 12 years for manslaughter, plus an additional ten years for robbery, as part of a plea deal.

The appellate division of the Colorado State Public Defender's Office says the 22-year sentence is also being appealed because of the ``propriety'' of the sentence, and the sufficiency and accuracy of information on which it was based.

Fiske plead guilty to reckless manslaughter and robbery in connection with the death of Kevin Hale.

Fiske came forward the same day Hale’s body was found in Buckley Park in Montrose. Fiske said he and Adam Hernandez fought with Hale in the park. Fiske believed Hale was alive when he and Hernandez left the park that night

Montrose County District Attorney Myrl Serra says the State Attorney General's office will handle the appeal.

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