Grand Valley Power Student of the Week

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This week's Grand Valley Power Student of the week has many passions in life and in her future she plans to combine them all.

Palisade High School senior Meagan Bosch is a star on the court, stage, and in the class room. She plays volleyball at Palisade and has recently signed with Mesa State College to play there next year. She also hopes to play the violin in Mesa's orchestra, but her main focus is on becoming an English teacher.

Bosch says, " I have seen the impact that teachers have had in my life and i think that it would be such a fulfilling job. You can touch so many lives by being a teacher and I want to do that with my life."

Megan's English teacher Tracie Hornsby says, "Meagan will be a phenomenal teacher, she relates well with kids and she has a strong sense of character. She's the type of kid that i want my daughter to grow up to be like."

Megan also says that its one of her dreams to one day play in the Grand Junction Symphony.

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