Jacob Brock Lives On Through Organ Donation

In Colorado alone more than 1700 people are depending on people like Jacob Brock to save their lives.

Jake may be gone, but his organs could possibly save up to eight people and his tissue could enhance the lives of up to 100. This is something his parents can take comfort in.

19—year–old Jacob Brock said yes to organ donation when he got his drivers license. At the teens untimely funeral his parents announced the gifts Jake had given others. Because of Jake's arteries someone will live, his corneas will give someone sight and someone else will be able to walk as a result of the teens knees and ankles.

Catherine Bradham with Donor Alliance says gifts like Jake's are becoming more common on the Western Slope. Last year 53 people in our area were helped through organ and tissue donations.

And while death is never easy to accept, Bradham believes the impact a donation can make may help ease some of the pain. Bradham says many greiving families take comfort in knowing their loved ones were able to help others in death.

Bradham says it's important to let your loved ones know whether you want to be an organ and tissue donor. To register to be an organ donor visit www.ColoradoDonorRegistry.org.

Nationally there are more than 94,000 people waiting for livesaving organs and every 12 minutes a name is added to that list.

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