Saving The Crops

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Fruit growers are preparing for another cold night. Wednesday night temperatures dipped into the low thirties and Thursday looks even colder.

Being a peach farmer is lot like being a new parent and for fruit grower Harry Talbot, this means stress and very little sleep. Yet, instead of crying babies, these growers are awakened by high–tech equipment that sound the alarm when temperatures drop too low. When the alarms go off they have to run out and start up the wind machines. These wind machines stir up the air and create just enough heat for the plants to survive.

Talbot says, "Sometimes we get a false spring and they think its spring so they come out and then it goes back to winter climate."

This back and forth weather has added to grower's stress. Fruit grower Robert Helmer is worried about cloud cover.

Helmer says, "If it clears tonight and there's no cloud cover, then we can see damage."

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