Is It A Cold Or Allergies?

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With cold and flu season still lingering it can be tough to figure out why you're sneezing, but spring is in the air and with that comes airborne allergens.

With allergies comes sneezing, a runny nose, and itchy eyes. Don't these symptoms sound a lot like a cold? Many people often confuse a cold for allergies, but there are some key differences.

Allergist Dr. Scott says, "With a cold sneezing only lasts a day or two and there is usually no itching and many people experience a sore throat. The mucus starts clear and thin but then by about day three it gets much thicker and then yellow."

With allergies there's no soreness in the throat and the mucus starts off clear like water and stays that way throughout. So once you've figured out if you're suffering from a cold or allergies the next step is finding the right treatment.

With all the different over the counter medications that treat allergies a lot of times people will get one medication and then when that stops working they'll move onto another and another. So when is it time to get a prescription medication from your doctor?

Dr. Scott says, "If symptoms are persisting and you're not seeing any improvement you need to see a doctor."

Fifteen to twenty percent of the population suffers from allergies.

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