Business's Resort To Creative Incentives To Attract Employees

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According to the Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce, the job market in Grand Junction is as tight as its ever been.

A healthy economy, the booming energy industry, and an aging workforce has created this short supply of skilled workers here in the Grand Valley. This problem has made some companies resort to different or unusual ways to attract workers.

A survey released by the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce found that more then half surveyed had trouble finding workers which has resulted in some companies taking drastic measures, including offering signing bonuses. Which is exactly what one local Burger King is doing, offering $300.00 to new employees. So far, their tactic is proving to be successful. But money is not the only incentive being used. A local electric company that recruits workers from the Front Range is offering more then just money. EC Electric has leased a house in Grand Junction to provide lodging for out of town workers. This has proven to be an important bargaining tool for the company. These incentives will continue to be used by companies as long as they draw in the workers.

Based on the current economic environment, the need for workers in the community should not taper off any time soon. The Grand Junction Chamber said they are researching different strategies to address the need for workers here in the Grand Valley.

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