Pet Food Recall List Grows

Pet owners wince once more, as the number of tainted pet food labels grows.

Purina Petcare became the second company to announce a nationwide recall of food that may contain contaminated wheat gluten.

Purina widened the nationwide recall of pet food by voluntarily pulling its Alpo Prime Cuts in Gravy wet dog food, with specific date codes.

The food contains wheat gluten the government says was contaminated with a chemical called melamine, which is used to make plastics and as a fertilizer in Asia.

Investigators traced the contaminated gluten to a single supplier in China and food manufacturers have stopped using it.

A sudden wave of pet deaths and illnesses led Menu Foods to recall some 60 million packages of wet food sold under popular brand names like Iams and many more.

On Friday the recall expanded to the first dry food — Hill's Md., a prescription formula for cats.

Menu Foods says it's already received 300,000 complaints and promises to take care of pet owners who've been affected.

Purina stresses that only one wet dog food, and none of its dry foods are affected.

Purina says the affected products have four digit date codes of 7037 through 7053, followed by the plant code 1159. They're also marked "best before February 2009."

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