Farm Fresh Has A New Meaning

If you've ever been to a farmer's market in the area, you know what kind of fruit and produce is available locally and for a third year there's one orchard that's taking farm fresh to another level.

Dozens came out to the Cameron Place on East Orchard Mesa Sunday to get a glimpse of blossoming trees, which are a hint of what's to come this summer.

The ranch participates in community supported agriculture, meaning you can buy weekly shares of the ranch's harvest, from fruits to vegetables to take home and some farmers say it gives eating a whole new meaning.

"There's a sense of knowing how it's grown, maybe not in particulars but getting know the people who are farming it, the workers that are involved with it. It just adds a lot more substance to the food when you know so much about it," farmer Thomas Cameron said.

In three years the program has grown from 50 to about 125 members and if you're interested in getting weekly shares contact Bill Davis at (970)-216-3972.