DA Believes Cat Was Already Dead Before Teens Dragged It

Three teens accused of dragging a cat behind a truck will not face felony charges because the District Attorney believes the cat was already dead before it was tied to the truck.

Authorities say on March 9 three teens were seen dragging a cat behind a truck in the area of 20 and K Roads. After being questioned by officials the teens admitted they did drag the cat but that they thought it was already dead.

The District Attorney Pete Hautzinger also believes the cat was already dead. Hautzinger says the cat's owner and neighbors in the area saw the cat lying dead on the side of the road before the teens showed up.

A veterinarian who initially examined the cat's corpse had thought the cat was still alive when it was drug through the street. But after hearing what witnesses had to say the vet has also changed its mind.

The teens are now facing misdemeanor charges in this case. They are charged with placing a carcass in a roadway.