Grand Junction Municipal Elections

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Ballots have been counted and unofficial final results are in. This municipal election, the ballot was packed full of decisions for voters.

First, here are the winners for the city council seats. In District B there was only a twenty five vote difference. Linda Romer Todd received 3,985 votes and her opponent Kent Baughman received 3,960 votes. A recount would be called if the percentages fell at one half of one percent, but this vote was not within that margin.

Now for District C seat, Gregg Palmer won over Joe Gardner by nearly 70 percent. And an uncontested Bruce Hill will remain in the At-large seat.

There were also several amendments on the ballot. City ballot question "A" would allow the city to retain revenue under TABOR to help pay off bonded debt for the Riverside Parkway Project. This amendment did pass with nearly 60 percent of voters in favor.

Amendment B addresses Grand Junction City charter sections. This also passed with 70 percent of voters for the amendment.

Question C on the ballot regards petition for recall. Nearly 60 percent of the voters voted against this amendment.

Amendment D is for publication of ordinances and nearly 70 percent voted against this.

Finally, Amendment E which addresses the City's purchase, operate, or sell procedure, did not pass as 68 percent voted against this amendment.

Here is a simple breakdown of those results:
District B:
Kent Baughman: 49.41%
Linda Romer-Todd: 49.72%

District C:
Gregg Palmer: 69.52%
Joe Gardner: 29.66%

At-Large Seat:
Bruce Hill: 96.64%

City of Grand Junction A
Yes: 59.94%
No: 40.06%

City of Grand Junction B
For: 70.96%
Against: 29.04%

City of Grand Junction C
For: 40.21%
Against: 59.79%

City of Grand Junction D
For: 30.67%
Against: 69.33%

City of Grand Junction E
For: 31.37%
Against: 68.63%

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