Couple Lives With Bees

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Most people would probably think that honey bees would be unusual neighbors, but Cynthia and James Joyce disagree . This couple has had a honey bee hive in the oak tree in their front yard for the past fourteen years and they like it that way.

The main reason the Joyce's decided to keep these bees around, instead of killing them off, is because they are familiar with the nationwide bee shortage that keeps circulating. The most recent shortage is due to Colony Collapse Disorder and it affects much of the nation. To help save the bees the Joyce's decided to just leave the hive alone, but there have been some downfalls to living steps away from an active bee hive.

Cynthia Joyce says, "I have been stung several times. One day I got in my car and a bee was in there. It stung my back and my hand twice."

Cynthia says getting stung a few times here and there is worth it to save the bees.

If you come across a bee hive or swarm, bee keepers ask that you don't kill them. Instead, you can get in contact with a bee keeper by calling the Colorado State Extension Office at: 244- 1834

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