Lawmakers Look To Revamp DUI Laws

After a suspected drunk driver killed two Mesa State College students last month, local lawmakers are now looking at ways to strengthen DUI laws in Colorado.

Currently Colorado doesn't have a felony component for repeated DUI offenders, so this summer Senator Josh Penry and Representative Steve King will not only look at this aspect of DUI law, but others and all with the help of experts.

"We'll get input from both prosecutors, from law enforcement, from defense council, from all of the people involved," King said.

"We really need to create a system for the really chronic offenders like this guy—a guy who's out of his senses and was careening towards what happened. We need to give prosecutors the tools to deal with these situations," Penry said.

42-Year-old Patrick Strawmatt remains in custody for the crash that killed Mesa State students Jake Brock and Jennifer Kois.

At the time, Strawmatt was free on a $15,000 bond after a DUI incident in Park County.