Club 20 Discusses Future Of Agriculture

The Western Slope organization Club 20 gathered Saturday for its spring meeting and topic centered on a shrinking sector that was once the backbone of Colorado.

Since 1953 Club 20 has been overseeing the advancement of Western Colorado, but advancement in some areas is doing damage to a proud Colorado tradition—farming.

"People are coming here, they want what we have, they want the quality of life and agriculture is in the cross hairs," Club 20 Reeves Brown said.

The meeting featured a number of presentations on the future of agriculture in Colorado, but with some startling revelations, particularly with rural development.

"We're losing the size of Rocky Mountain National Park every year of productive farm land to housing and commercial development," Dr. Rick Knight said.

This translates to roughly 265,000 acres and could have massive ramifications by 2025.

But some say it's causing a change in they way the sector thinks.

With one of the top five agriculture commodities in Colorado being corn, the next wave may be energy.

Despite massive growth in Colorado, some say that with every acre developed there's also an acre that being protected thanks to land trust agreement.

So while development will continue many believe Colorado will maintain its scenic splendor.

With the emergence of bio fuel development, Club 20's fall meeting will center around how the Western Slope can advance and benefit the next phase in agriculture.