Mesa Mall Hires Teen Lifestyle Expert

Proms across the Grand Valley kick off next weekend, and ladies, if you don't already have your dress you'd better hurry.

There are many fashions to choose from this year. From sequined embellished to princess puffy there's something to fit most anyones style.

Mesa Mall recently hired a Teen Lifestyles Expert to help teens in their quest to be hip. Mollie Shepardson's job is to research the latest teen trends and bring them to the mall.

As a junior at Grand Junction High School Mollie knows many kids associate prom with drinking. But for her she says there are other options and drinking it just not worth it.

Mollie says it's best to double with your pals on Prom night and people who have the same morals as you, this way you won't be pressured into doing things you normally wouldn't do.

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