Olathe Teachers Serve For Students

For three years, 7th grade teachers in Olathe have been showing their kids the importance of college and have gone to great lengths to find the funding to do so.

It was service with a smile at the A&W/Long John Silvers in Montrose Wednesday as three Olathe Middle School 7th grade teachers looked to raise money for their kids by serving burgers and fries to the public.

For three years the three temporary waitresses have been serving to fund a trip to Mesa State College for the 80 students and the trip has an important message.

"Even in 7th grade, it's not too early to start thinking about college," teacher Jackie Schneider said.

The trip and dedication has won over many, especially parents.

"You don't see this everyday, they're extra special teachers," parent Bambi Dietrich said.

With the tour students can accomplish many things, but the real message is education.

"I think the more educated you are the more choices you have and life is full of choices," Schneider said.