CSAP Testing Date Won't Change

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Denver (AP) Colorado students will not be getting any more time to prepare for the state's standardized tests.

A Senate committee killed a proposal to delay the start of the Colorado Student Assessment Program, CSAP, testing period by one month, because state education officials say tt would cost $2.3 million.

The tests must now be administered between the second Monday in March and the third Monday in April.

Denver Democratic Senator Paula Sandoval wanted to administer the tests between April and May, because she says some students are being tested on material they have not yet studied.

Sandoval says the reason for the big price tag is because the vendor would need more money to grade the tests faster.

But Sandoval says the state will pay McGraw-Hill $23 million to administer the program next year, and should be able to negotiate a better deal to move the test dates back.

She says she feels like the vendor is driving public policy, instead of the other way around.

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