Man Says Everyday's A Picnic- Even In The Snow!

Thursday morning certainly wasn't the best weather for a picnic lunch or a BBQ. But neither snow nor rain can stop one Grand Junction man from firing up his grill.

For the past four years, six days a week, Les Armbruster has been playing cook. In fact, he can only remember one time when he couldn't fire up his grill and that was because the snow was blowing too hard.

It's a love of Chicago hot dogs and brats that has this old timer cooking in the snow. Ambruster says people think he's nuts, "but then they come by and eat my hot dogs-so who's nuts now?"

Nuts or not, the 83-year-old philosopher is on his third retirement, and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. But that's not to say Armbruster doesn't wish for warmer weather.

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