Grand Valley Winter Wonderland In April

Old man winter made a visit to the Grand Valley Thursday morning with a rare April snow storm.

This after fruit orchards saw an early bloom last month, only to revert back to a winter/spring mix but for fruit farmers in the area. It looked worse than it actually was.

A blustery winter storm moved through the Grand Valley Thursday morning, blanketing the ground and precious fruit crops in the area.

But with temperatures above freezing the snow was beneficial and not necessarily damaging.

By midday the snow was gone, which is just another example of how the month of April has gone. It's been up and down, but the damage done in the last week has been assessed and so far it's manageable.

"There been a little bit of damage to nectarines, peaches but nothing significant--about 10 %," C&R Farms owner Donovan Talbott said.

The next test comes this weekend as overnight temperatures will dip into the 20s and with fruits being able to withstand about 28-degree temperatures for 30 minutes, it's a safe bet that orchards throughout the Grand Valley will have their wind machines in action to stave off a fruitless summer.

While still optimistic, many farmers feel the crop potential won't be known until the first week of May.