Salazar Pushing Children Health Care Improvements

There are about 180,000 children in Colorado without health insurance, something U.S. Senator Ken Salazar is looking to change.

The State Children's Health Insurance Program or "SCHIP" is up for renewal and when reauthorized will provide $50B to provide medical programs for children nationwide.

Senator Salazar says Colorado's share will be about $70M, which should boost the current enrollment of 50,000 kids.

As a member of the finance committee, Salazar is looking for input from those in the medical field to take back to Washington D.C. in support of the program.

"They know a lot more than I know, they know more than Washington knows and I'm here to learn from them and make SCHIP a better program for Colorado and what changes we have to make when we reauthorize it," Salazar said.

Along with covering children, the Democrat is also looking to expand the program to provide at home nursing visits to more than a half million first time mothers.