Western Slope Congressman Memorialized

Dignitaries from across Colorado gathered in Palisade Saturday to pay tribute to the late Congressman Wayne Aspinall.

The corner of 8th and Main Streets in the town will forever honor the late lawmaker and conservationist as hundreds of residents attended the celebration for Aspinall.

The Congressman is known for many things, from passing a thousand bills through the U.S. House to being involved with the statehoods of Alaska and Hawaii.

But here in Colorado, Aspinall is known and regarded for his bipartisanship and being able to see the future importance of water by
urging the creation of reservoirs and conservation projects.

"If you look around at what we're able to do on the West Slope but also in the northwest part of the state, the front range, we're able to do what we do because of his vision," Colorado Governor Bill Ritter said.

From concept to construction, the Aspinall Memorial cost about a half million dollars.