Ritter To Sign Non-Married Couple Adoption Bill

Legislation concerning unmarried adoption is on its way to Governor Bill Ritter's desk, but it's not without controversy.

Although house bill 1030 passed through the Senate Thursday, some are saying it's pushing a homosexual agenda in Colorado.

Under current state law. gay individuals are allowed to adopt, but same sex couples are not. However, that will change when Governor Ritter signs this bill as intended.

Several Republicans are speaking out on the issue, saying this legislation is a slap in the face to voters who defeated Referendum I in November.

Referendum I would have recognized same sex unions, giving gay couples the legal rights of married couples.

Proponents of the measure say whether straight or gay, all children deserve the protection and love of two parents.

"We think it gives every child the opportunity to have more than just one parent who can provide for them and if that parent's gone, then there's a second one who can provide the same safety net," Governor Ritter said.

Although Ritter will examine the bill, he does plan on signing it in the near future.